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A Dog Called Flow

Rescued By A Dog called Flow has been successfully used as a class reader with children aged 8 - 11 years in an inner city school where the vast majority of pupils do not have English as their first language and for whom the Lakeland setting is different from anything in their personal experience.

The book can be used to develop different areas of the curriculum - PSHE, Geography and Literacy.

The worksheets and website references below have been compiled by four practicing teachers and can be freely downloaded and used.

We enjoyed compiling the materials and hope they prove useful to fellow teachers, their pupils and the parents of the pupils.

Isabell Pasternicki


Flow (as the book was originally entitled) was the first book I wrote. I wrote it before I had a computer, so I have the original hand-written version of the story and a series of scribbled-on and cut-up typed-out drafts which followed before it got to its final version. When I show those scripts to children, they get some idea of the work that goes into professional writing. They see that even a 'proper author' doesn't get it right in the first draft! The story in this book is entirely fictional, but a lot of the ideas that fed that fiction came from real events in my own life. If you'd like me to come and talk about that and to show the original manuscripts to your children, then do invite me into your school. See the 'Contacts' section for details of school visits and ways of contacting me.

Pippa Goodhart


These are all in pdf format for easy printing and classroom use

Flow Websites:


Of interest to children, parents and teachers. Includes advice, quiz, Q and A, online voting and a video.

Of interest to parents, teachers and children. Defines bullying, lists different types and states where help and support can be found.



Engaging website for children promoting awareness of range of different groups in the community.


For parents.

Enter Guides section. This gives helpful advice, a definition and a report.


Of interest to children, parents and teachers. This is the website for Battersea Dogs Home and covers care of pets, training, lost dogs, events and offers a school pack.

For prospective dog owners. Lists equipment, costs and advises on feeding and grooming.

Go to Games section. Contains activites such as games, puzzles and crosswords.



Maps, pics and height information on fells.